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You come first

At Scania, we always put the driver first. We believe putting the essential information from your truck directly on your wrist is the key to smart and quick decisionmaking. No matter if you're cruising on a deserted road or if you're in the back of your truck securing cargo.


Smarter now, wiser later

The Scania Watch can do everything an ordinary SmartWatch 3 from Sony can – and just like the SmartWatch 3, it requires an Android phone. But the Scania FMS integration is unique. It's what connects you to your truck, and your truck to you. And this is just the beginning. All future features will naturally be available to any Scania Watch owner through software updates.


Limited edition

Nine hundred and ninety-nine

The "Black Griffin" is an early access edition of the Scania Watch. Limited to 999 pieces, carefully adorned with the black griffin aesthetic and with the unique piece number engraved on the backside.

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Ready for the future?

This is the end for the Black Griffin limited edition – but it’s just the beginning for the Scania Watch, so keep your eyes posted for upcoming news and updates.