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All the items featured in our Solutions brochure are Scania OE parts, designed to help keep your fleet safe, efficient and productive. They come with a 12-month parts and labour warranty on fitted parts, if fitted by a Scania dealer. You should find any parts you need in here, but if you can’t, or if you need any advice, please contact your local Scania dealer.


Scania batteries are designed for high reliability and long service life. Rigorously tested, they ensure greater stability and more reliable starts, even in extreme temperatures. New batteries offer increased capacity and charge acceptance, which means restored starting power and more hours of usage before a recharge is necessary.

Brake pads

How long your brakes last and how well they function depends on where and how you drive. Scania brake pads are carefully tuned to Scania brake discs. It’s a combination that optimises brake functions and reliability, giving you long-lasting safety on the road.

Clutch kits

Scania places a lot of emphasis on matching clutches to different drivelines and ensures that every component from the smallest rivet to the diaphragm spring is tuned for a system that delivers maximum torque. Fitting an inferior product decreases product lifetime through premature wear. It will also cause judder, slippage and vibration and show early disintegration through poor manufacturing.


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