Sweden, Oskarshamn

At Scania in Oskarshamn, we have built truck cabs since 1946. Sheet steel coils arrive every day, and finished cabs ready to be delivered to Europe leave the factory. The cab plant consists of five workshops: the Press Shop, the Body Shop, the Primer Paint Shop, the Top Paint Shop and the Assembly Plant. In here you will meet advanced technology, complex chemical processes and increasing lean thinking.

Welcome to the world's most modern truck cab factory!

With our 1,800 employees, we are Kalmar County's largest employer. Despite the fact that we are many employees and that the production unit is large, we have a friendly atmosphere where everyone helps each other. Employees are in focus and their personal development is an important asset for Scania’s development. Looking beyond tomorrow, we are working on continuous improvement, both as a profitable company and as an employer - we can always get a little better!

Oskarshamn is a pleasant town with proximity to the Baltic Sea, lakes and nature. There is something for everyone – live broadcasting from the Metropolitan Opera in New York, in the local movie theater, hockey, soccer and many water sports thanks to its location by the sea. The possibilities of finding exactly the right property are numerous: an apartment, a country house or maybe a new house with a sea view. In Oskarshamn, you get a home and a job to look forward to!

Cab Production Oskarshamn
Box 903
572 29 Oskarshamn
Phone: +46 491 765 000
Fax: +46 491 765 430
Email: maria.edner@scania.com
Website: www.scaniaoskarshamn.se