Building a global identity

Robust, high quality and easily recognisable. These were some of the guidelines for Scania’s styling team when the new Scania Touring coach began to take shape on the drawing board. Scania products are among the most important brand carriers for the company.


Thus a new Scania coach must convey the brand values and product identity. For the Scania Touring coach, the goal was to create a global identity that is common throughout the product portfolio. This is why some of these distinctive Scania styling cues can also be found on Scania trucks.

Brand recognition

“People should clearly see that the Scania Touring coach is part of the Scania family,” says Ingrid Nilsson-Czornyj, bus and coach designer at Scania’s styling department.
“At the start of the project, we began by establishing what characteristics and styling features define a Scania vehicle,” she says. “One of the strongest features is what we call the ‘wrapping T’, the shape that is formed by the grille and the wraparound windscreen. Another element we wanted to incorporate is the distinguished way the surfaces are sculpted.”

Driver station ergonomics

The coach’s interior must also reflect the Scania identity. Christina Isomaa, who is in charge of developing colour and trim, says she tried to create a harmonically restrained interior adapted to the European market.

“In addition,” Nilsson-Czornyj says, “the driver station with its sweeping dashboard line has driver-friendly ergonomics. It meets high standards for ease-of reach and good overview of controls and instruments. Ample seat and steering wheel adjustments will suit the frame of any driver.”