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21 March 2013

Scania Streamline is the name of Scania G- and R-series long-haulage trucks that are optimised for low fuel consumption, featuring new low-drag looks and full air deflector kits.

A new version of Scania Opticruise features a choice of performance modes. To maximise fuel savings, the new Economy mode is fully integrated with Scania Active Prediction.

Up to 8 percent fuel-savings

Potential fuel savings in long-haulage are up to 8 percent with the new, more efficient second-generation Euro 6 engines. Corresponding savings for Euro 3/4/5 are up to 5 percent.

New services are designed to help drivers and operators in their daily work, as well as during interaction with the workshop. To boost uptime and reduce the time required for a workshop visit, Scania workshops now have access to remote downloading of diagnostic data.

Scania in social media

06 September 2014 16:41 CET

German Vice-Chancellor Gabriel drives Scania

Having once worked as a truck driver for a brewery, German Vice-Chancellor and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Sigmar Gabriel, was enthusiastic about driving a brand new Scania during his short visit to Södertälje. “An excellent truck,” he remarked.

01 July 2014 14:15 CET

Scania at IAA: Focusing on sustainability and services that benefit the customer

At IAA, Scania will be presenting news in the form of products and services that contribute directly to improving bus and truck customers’ profitability. Besides additional Euro 6 engines, Scania will also be introducing a range of new items aimed at reducing either the customers' operating costs or their environmental footprint – goals that often go hand in hand. Scania's latest innovations can provide significant reductions in fuel consumption in long-haulage vehicles. And when it comes to buses, Scania Citywide will present its own hybrid technology.  

15 April 2014 15:42 CET

Euro 6 – the challenge was to win

For a number of years, the trucking industry has struggled to fulfil the exacting emission legislation that came into force at the end of last year. Scania is the manufacturer that has been able to present competitive solutions sooner and better than anyone else. Scania now offers its customers no less than 18 Euro 6 engines for all types of applications – and is setting international records in low fuel consumption with their latest Euro 6 diesel engine.

07 April 2014 16:40 CET

Blue Stream – cheating wind the Scania way

Go with the flow – Scania now presents a custom-built, limited edition truck based on the Scania Streamline model and Scania’s unique V8 heritage. Blue Stream has an R-series cab styled and enhanced in collaboration with Svempa Bergendahl, the legendary Swedish custom truck builder. The unique truck will be pro­duced in 200 numbered units in Södertälje as a tribute to the original Scania Streamline introduced back in 1991 – the first, truly aero­dynamic cab in the heavy truck industry.

24 January 2014 07:00 CET

Scania delivers 220 biodiesel-powered trucks to leading Austrian transport company

Austrian haulier Nothegger Transport has ordered 220 trucks from Scania with biodiesel engines which meet Euro 6 requirements and are designed for 100-percent biodiesel operation. This major order follows the introduction of Scania’s 13-litre 450 hp engine, which meets Euro 6 standard for biodiesel operation.