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21 March 2013

Scania Streamline is the name of Scania G- and R-series long-haulage trucks that are optimised for low fuel consumption, featuring new low-drag looks and full air deflector kits.

A new version of Scania Opticruise features a choice of performance modes. To maximise fuel savings, the new Economy mode is fully integrated with Scania Active Prediction.

Up to 8 percent fuel-savings

Potential fuel savings in long-haulage are up to 8 percent with the new, more efficient second-generation Euro 6 engines. Corresponding savings for Euro 3/4/5 are up to 5 percent.

New services are designed to help drivers and operators in their daily work, as well as during interaction with the workshop. To boost uptime and reduce the time required for a workshop visit, Scania workshops now have access to remote downloading of diagnostic data.