Pressroom: Scania at IAA 2012

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19 September 2012 - 27 September 2012
08:00 - 16:00
Hannover, Germany

Scania's solutions for customers start with the hardware. Examples of Scania’s new versatile engine line-up for Euro 6 are on display at the IAA commercial vehicle exhibition, featuring outputs from 250 up to 480 hp.

  • 9- and 13-litre Euro 6 engines for trucks and buses
  • New high-performance Euro 6 gas engines
  • Leading driver support technologies
  • Fuel-optimised specifications
  • Target consumption, personal driver coaching
  • First show for Scania Off-road trucks
  • Scania apps facilitate fleet management
  • 9 trucks and 2 buses on display

The four 9-litre Euro 6 diesel engines feature either EGR/SCR (250 and 280 hp) or only SCR technology (320 and 360 hp). The 13-litre 440 and 480 hp engines are equipped with combined EGR/SCR technology.

Two new Euro 6 gas-powered engines break the ground for new applications with high torque ratings and diesel-like performance.

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