Scania at a Glance

New Scania R-series: Faster gearchanges and precision clutch control

“The new Scania Opticruise is a major step forward with a focus on supporting the truck driver to do an even better job. Scania has achieved a new level of driveability that should please most professional truck drivers,” says Mikael Hanson, head of Transmission Software.

When reaching a hill, the new Scania Opticruise changes down early to maintain a higher speed up the hill.The development of Scania Opticruise is taking a new turn. The concept of a standard mechanical gearbox remains, but the system has been extensively modified, with improved mechanical components and entirely new software.

The new automatic clutch is based on a market innovation – an entirely new electro-hydraulic clutch actuator that allows precision clutch control.

“The new electro-hydraulic clutch actuator provides better control than a pneumatic system during starts or manoeuvring as well as on slippery surfaces,” says Mikael Hanson, head of Transmission Software. “It also speeds up gearchanges.”

Optimising fuel economy

The new Scania Opticruise takes into account not only factors like engine revs, vehicle acceleration, speed and load, but also the slope of the road, driving style and other external factors in order to calculate the most suitable gear for the situation. When reaching a hill, the new system changes down early to maintain a higher speed up the hill. All this has been designed to improve vehicle driveability and simplify work for the truck driver.

“It enables the truck driver to concentrate on the surrounding traffic while achieving optimal fuel economy,” Hanson says.

Better operating economy

All controls in one lever. Switch between automatic and manual mode with A/M at the tip of the lever. The Power mode is accessed via a spring-back position in the rotary switch.According to Hanson, the fundamental principle behind Scania Opticruise is that the engine should work at the revs that are the most efficient in every situation, making the most out of every drop of fuel.

Among other advantages of the new system, the automatic clutch means less clutch wear as well as better operating economy, thanks to new functions that provide optimal fuel economy. The new gearchanging strategy includes using low revs wherever possible, thereby saving fuel without compromising driveability.

10 innovations

  1. Scania Opticruise is now available with an automatic clutch.
  2. A new, smarter gearchanging strategy that provides good driveability in both economy and power modes.
  3. High precision manoeuvring with the automatic clutch.
  4. Extra high precision and smooth accelerator response in manoeuvring mode.
  5. Automatic starting gear selection, aided by an inclination sensor.
  6. The option of activating the power take-off outside the cab.
  7. Compatibility with Adaptive Cruise Control and Scania Ecocruise, allowing smoother interaction between speed control and gear selection systems.
  8. Smart gear selection when approaching intersections and roundabouts.
  9. Improved interaction between the Scania Retarder and Scania Opticruise, which avoids excessive downchanging during retarder braking.
  10. Interaction between Scania Opticruise and Hill-hold, which makes starting on an incline very easy.