Finance and Business Control

Finance and Business Control

The economic perspective is crucial for running an efficient organisation. Scania’s finance organisation actively supports the whole company and is involved in all parts of the business, playing a key role in daily operations.

Employees within financial services work in a broad range of areas, including accounting, financial controlling, finance and credit analysis. They have a range of specialisations and can be found in the company’s operations across the world. The job of finance employees is to provide an economic perspective throughout all processes, from product development to delivering the finished product and providing services. Employees within this area have an opportunity to influence decisions within their various areas and contribute to the sustainability of Scania, both as company and as an employer. In other words they enable better business.

The area suits those who are methodical and team players. Employees work cross-functionally to achieve a holistic perspective and look out for Scania’s best interests in the long-term. Finance professionals can work both at head office and within the wider Scania organisation, meaning they have great opportunities for personal development worldwide.

Roles within Finance and Business Control

Economists work within all parts of Scania, from Research and Development to After sales. These are a few examples of the roles in the area and the associated duties.


  • responsible for ongoing accounting and financial statements
  • simplifies and improves processes and methods related to bookkeeping and accounting
  • ongoing contact with external auditors

Business Controller

  • responsible for monitoring the operation’s financial position and status
  • operates and takes part in change and development projects from an economic perspective
  • manages and develops Scania’s models for financial control

Financial Controller

  • works with consolidated account statements, consolidations and financial reporting
  • analyses and presents financial information
  • participates in project- and process-improvement groups to ensure continual improvement in our financial processes

Finance Manager

  • responsible for operations management, accounting and reporting for some of Scania’s units
  • works to create conditions under which financial reports, forecasting and reporting can be conducted efficiently and be continually developed
  • works partly in cross-functional groups

Head of Accounting

  • responsible for financial accounting for some of our units
  • provides the unit with guidance on accounting and tax issues
  • contributes with models and analysis for monitoring financial flows

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Work areas within Scania

With 49,000 employees in 100 countries, we are strategically placed where our customers need us, wherever they operate.

Research and Development operations are based in Södertälje, with some 3,500 employees. Scania’s aim is to use customers’ specific needs to develop high-quality products, services and solutions with short lead times.

We have production units in seven countries in Europe and in Latin America, with some 12,400 employees working to ensure production, quality and delivery. There is a focus on continuous improvements within the areas of production, working environment and safety.

The IT area requires many resources and solid expertise in order to be able to deliver solutions to all parts of Scania’s operation.

Scania´s organisation also encompasses a wide variety of different areas of operation for conducting business affairs, selling products and services, and providing support to the organisation.