'The best ones to work with'

When TSL in Brazil was looking for new vehicles for their mining operations ten years ago, they decided on Scania’s mining trucks, something they have never regretted. Their requirements for uptime, productivity and operating economy were decisive.

- As soon as I got to know the Scania trucks, I realized they were the best ones to work with.

The words are José Donizete de Souza Maia’s. He owns Transportes Sarzedo Ltda (TSL) who operate mining transportations in two locations in Brazil.

- The comfort that the vehicles offer the driver and the reduced noise level was what first caught my attention. These features help to protect the value of my company’s most precious asset: the people. This is why I soon identified myself with Scania vehicles. Furthermore, the Scania vehicles are robust and economical.

Intense dust and muddy roads
TSL operates in areas with broken ground. This means a great deal of mud in the rainy season and intense dust during dry periods. Dirt tracks, irregular terrain and steep gradients and curves add to the tough conditions.

These conditions make fleet uptime a cornerstone of the business. Vehicles operate round the clock. Donizete de Souza Maia sums up the challenge:

- If a vehicle isn’t moving, it’s not producing. No profit.

Maxiumum uptime and great fuel economy
Donizete de Souza Maia rates maximum uptime and great fuel economy as the main keys to good profitability. And with Scania Opticruise the company has reached fleet fuel savings of 30%.

- Furthermore, the Scania cab is the best in the mining industry. Comfort, visibility and suspension are excellent and the driver works more comfortably and with higher productivity.

Would he recommend Scania mining trucks to business colleagues?
- Yes! Scania is moving in the right direction and has met the customer’s needs efficiently, in addition to offering high quality products. I have purchased this truck brand since 2000 and I often get calls from future Scania customers asking about truck performance in my operation. Scania mining trucks meet operational requirements, mainly taking into account the rough terrain and mobility difficulty. Vehicles have good manoeuvring capability and grip.