Scania Driver Training

Take action – drive safely and save money! Scania Driver Training shows the way towards a safer and more economical way of driving. It’s not just the fuel consumption that is reduced by learning how to drive the Scania truck more smoothly – wear and tear on the vehicle and the roads will also be considerably less.

Your drivers are a crucial factor in the profitability of your business. They are the single most important factor in fuel economy as well as wear and tear of the vehicle, its tyres and parts, and of course road safety. Scania Driver Training can help even the most experienced drivers to drive more economically and more safely.

Save 10% on fuel
You can expect to save about 10 % on fuel alone, with a significant reduction in emissions. What’s more, tyres will last longer, and the powertrain will last longer and consume less oil.

Driver training pays for itself
A well-trained driver is far less likely to be involved in an accident – meaning less unplanned downtime and lower insurance premiums. And more uptime means more business for you. A driver who enjoys the job and feels at ease will do a better job. This has an immediate impact on operating costs, road safety and the environment. When you take all these factors into consideration, it’s clear to see how investment in driver training quickly pays for off.