Scania Repair

When you choose Scania for your repairs, you benefit from the convenience of knowing the full price of a repair up front. Quite simply, fixed price repairs include the cost of all parts, labour and consumables. And the invoice you receive will match the quotation exactly – so you won’t get any unexpected surprises.

Our fixed prices have been calculated based on our extensive experience carrying out repairs on hundreds of thousands of vehicles. We know exactly how long a repair should take to carry out. And if it takes a bit longer, we bear the cost – not you.

Some repairs involve “related parts” that should be changed at the same time, and these are always included in the fixed price. And if during a repair we discover another procedure that should be carried out, we will give you a fixed price for that too, before we carry out the work.

The costs for many repairs are published in our price list, or you can simply call us and ask for a quote when you make an appointment.