Scania Repair & Maintenance contract

A Scania Repair and Maintenance Contract is the ultimate way to take a firm hold on your operating costs. As well as all your planned maintenance, it also includes all repairs of defective parts.

You work out a contract together with your chosen 'home' workshop. Contracts can be tailored to your operating needs and your budget. That means your contract may include just the powertrain, the entire chassis, or it could even be extended to include auxiliary equipment. The choice is yours.

With a Scania Repair and Maintenance Contract, your maintenance will normally be provided by your ‘home’ workshop. But while repairs will generally be carried out by that workshop, contracts typically enable repairs at other Scania workshops when your vehicles are far from home.

As well as the peace of mind provided by a Scania Repair and Maintenance Contract, you can also expect a better price when the time comes to trade in or sell your vehicle.