Scania Maintenance Contract

A Scania Maintenance Contract is the ideal way to ensure maximum uptime with minimum costs – and peace of mind. Rest assured that your vehicles are optimally maintained and that there will be no unexpected costs.

When you sign a contract with your chosen workshop, you receive the recommended preventive maintenance plan for your vehicles, based upon their specifications and planned driving conditions. We can even include non-chassis equipment and superstructures.

You simply pay a flat monthly fee, or a one-off payment up front. This means you know the maintenance costs throughout the contract, it simplifies your budgeting and enables you to price your customer transport assignments with confidence. And because you always deal with the same workshop, the service team builds a thorough knowledge of your vehicles and their service history, for efficient and accurate diagnosis if a problem crops up.

Vehicles supported by a Scania Maintenance Contract also benefit from higher residual values.