All businesses have vulnerable moments, even yours. So even when you’re doing your best, you have to be prepared for the worst.

In the transport industry, losing a vehicle or a key employee brings extra burdens that you, your business and your family may not be able to afford.
Scania Insurance is there to help you minimise financial loss, handle damages smoothly, and optimize your uptime. 

We understand your business, we know your vehicles and we have a good idea of what insurance cover you need. So we’re able to offer the right protection – and deliver peace of mind in the process.

Rapid claims handling

If something should go wrong, our Scania Assistance and workshop network can handle claims and repairs more smoothly than an ordinary insurance company. After all, we have both the tools and the expertise to assess repairs – and even the authority to go ahead with them. This means good news for your uptime.

We also offer special incentives for good driving and the right vehicle options. Talk to your Scania dealer or Scania Insurance representative to see which options qualify for premium reductions in your area.

Our insurance protection is available for your whole fleet, of course, including other makes.