Prime power

Around the world, access to electrical power – prime or standby – is crucial. Regardless of the application, if you are building a genset, you are always looking for the same qualities in your engines – dependable, durable, reliable workhorses that require a minimum of service and maintenance.

This is where Scania engines are at their best. And that’s why Scania engines are born to generate, with the most secure possible output at the lowest possible operating cost. Based on our latest engine platform, we offer a comprehensive range of engines covering requirements up to 607 kVA for prime power.

Designed to deliver uptime.
Scania’s unique modular concept means higher parts availability, minimized waste and easy servicing for a single technician. Together with long service intervals and proven reliability, this results in higher uptime, lower life cycle cost and, consequently, better business and operational economy.

A perfect fit.
Compact dimensions and excellent power-to-weight ratio makes our engines easy to package – an advantage in stationary plants and an even bigger advantage in mobile units. Furthermore, switching to a new generation of Scania engines is easy as well, with no need for re-engineering.

Handling both step-load and fuel economy.
Our engines are designed and developed for distinct and powerful handling of step-load situations, yet with short recovery times. High load variations are handled effectively, and despite the high power output throughout the engine range, you can count on outstanding fuel economy and excellent emission control.