When the time is right and harvesting has started there is no room for standstills or breakdowns. Now is the time for working round-the-clock until the crop is safely taken care of, and this is when you need a Scania engine to rely on. A tried and tested workhorse that will not let you down.

The crop never waits. It has to be taken care of: now. That’s why Scania’s engines are designed and built for the highest demands on reliability, giving a long service life and unbeatable uptime.

And should you need fast service or repair there’s always an authorized Scania workshop nearby. All engines are equally service-friendly, with most of the vital service points easily accessible.

How much power do you need?
Whatever your need, you can be sure Scania has the right engine solution. Do you need a 9-litre inline five-cylinder engine, a 13-litre inline six, or a powerful 16-litre V8? No matter what you choose, you gain the same Scania advantages – like low fuel consumption, low life cycle costs and tried and tested quality.
Moreover, Scania’s engines are extremely compact and carry no unnecessary deadweight. This means they are easy to package and build into all possible types of agricultural machines.