Scania POI, for your navigator

Scania is now embracing a well spread technology. Download the zip file to add all our service points to your onboard navigator.

The Scania POI contains geographical information and phone numbers to all our dealers and workshops world wide. Once you have downloaded the POI to your onboard navigator our entire service network will be easily accessible to you where ever you are, when ever you need it.

How to get started:
Download the file on the right “Scania POI, service points in your navigator”
There are four files in the zip, three navigation files and one image file.
Navigation files: POIScania.asc, POIScania.ov2, POIScania.csv
Image file : POIScania.bmp

Transfer the navigation file best suitable for your specific navigator together with the image file from the zip to your onboard unit.

To find out what navigation file is compatible with your specific brand, or for instruction on how to transfer the files, please contact the responsible manufacturer or look in the users’ documentation belonging to your specific navigator.

The direct link to our page with the latest POI´s is