Kyl- och Frysexpressen AB

Kyl- och Frysexpressen AB is a Swedish haulier that focuses on temperature-controlled goods for large corporations in the grocery retail business. In close cooperation with Scania, the company has managed to find new solutions to offer clients environmentally sound – and profitable – transport solutions.

“Just like our customers, we are deeply committed to reducing our CO2 impact. This is often stated in our customers’ environmental policies and brand values,” says Gunnar Wiklund, fleet manager at Kyl- och Frysexpressen AB. “This means that our quest for lower emissions is driven both by ourselves and by customer demand.”

Next step: Scania Driver Training
“Together with Scania, we’ve managed to find a solution with CO2-optimised ethanol fuelled vehicles combined with customised service contracts that really mean business. Our next step is to send all our drivers to the Scania Driver Training programme in order to lower fuel consumption and emissions still further.”

100% commitment
“I must say that our cooperation with Scania and local Scania dealer is running like clockwork. They show 100% commitment to us and our business. And that’s what really counts for us.”