Ohlsson AB

Ohlssons AB is a growing transport company in the south of Sweden. When one of their clients in the community service sector stated that gas would be the preferred fuel in an upcoming bid, Managing Director Christer Ohlsson turned to Scania for advice.

“I’m very glad that Scania offers this eco-friendly solution,” says Christer Ohlsson. “It means that I can continue using the truck brand I trust and know – and keep competing for interesting contracts.”

Come to expect the best
With two brand new gas-fuelled refuse collectors in his fleet, Christer Ohlsson is pioneering Scania’s gas trucks on the market.
“My first impressions are all favourable. I’ve come to expect the best from Scania and these trucks are no exception. This is something I can really recommend.”

“I trust Scania”
“Some may say I took a risk by choosing new technology like this, but I feel very confident with Scania and trust them owing to their outstanding service.”

“I’m absolutely sure that the demand for operations with low environmental implications will increase in the future, especially in the field of community services.”

“Scania’s total offer, which also includes driver training and vehicle monitoring, means I’ve got a strong, competitive solution at hand – from a partner that I trust.”