Ecolution by Scania – customer benefits

The customer benefits of the Ecolution by Scania are substantial and easy to calculate.

Be part of a powerful environmental movement
Ecolution by Scania is a convenient and business-orientated service that takes a leap forward in reducing the environmental impact of transportation.
If every operator took the opportunity to switch to Ecolution by Scania, CO2 emissions would drop dramatically.
And this is not Utopia. Your Scania dealer is ready to work out a solution that precisely suits your needs and operating conditions. Right now.

Save fuel, cut costs
Ecolution by Scania focuses on cutting fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to a minimum. This will have an immediate effect on your operating economy, contributing markedly on your bottom line. What’s more, the positive effects apply for all fuels – diesel and renewables alike.

Give your business an environmental edge
Today, it’s often necessary to prove your company’s environmental ambitions when submitting a tender. With Ecolution by Scania, it’s easy for you to show to your customers, in black and white, exactly what you can do to minimise the environmental impact of their transport assignments. Scania will assist you with environmental and vehicle monitoring reports and documentation – so you can focus on winning the bid and make your business as profitable as possible. It’s a classic win-win situation. For you, your customers – and the environment.

Scania is with you all the way
Ecolution by Scania is about more than just choosing the right fuel and technology for your operations. The driver is normally the single most important factor for minimising fuel consumption and emissions. Being a Scania owner you have access to Scania Driver Training – a programme that provides the skills and tools for outstanding driver performance. This programme is in full compliance with EU legislation on mandatory training for professional drivers and has a strong focus on economical driving. Scania Driver Support is an on-board coaching system that helps your drivers maintain and use their acquired skills every day. Scania Driver Follow-up sets personal goals for drivers with individual feedback over time. Add to this specific maintenance programmes and services designed to keep the vehicle in the best possible condition.