Alternative fuels

Biodiesel is a liquid renewable diesel fuel produced from esterified plant oil.

Biodiesel can be used for all types of operation and ranges. It is easy to handle, available in commercial volumes, and can be mixed freely with regular diesel.

Biodiesel can be made from various sources

Also known as FAME (fatty acid methyl ester), biodiesel can be made from various sources, like rapeseed, jatropha, and waste cooking oil, all with different quality aspects. In the European Union, rapeseed is the largest source.

Emissions and performance are slightly affected. Provided that the need for special service intervals is observed, Scania permits using up to 100% FAME fuel in some of its engines. Operation should always take place in coordination with a Scania dealer.

Excellent combustion properties

Biodiesel can also be produced in a synthetic way with excellent combustion properties, but is not available in commercial volumes as of yet.

Synthetic diesel produced from biomass (BTL, biomass-to-liquid) has great potential as an alternative fuel. It provides excellent preconditions for clean combustion as it is ideally suited to high-efficiency diesel engines and it can be mixed freely with regular diesel. It can be produced from various raw materials including biomass, waste and fossil natural gas.