Scania’s strategic platform

Scania’s objective is provide the best profitability for its customers throughout the Product life cycle by delivering optimised heavy trucks and buses, engines and services – thereby becoming the leading company in its industry. Scania’s operations are based on the company’s core values, its focus on working methods and dedicated employees.

Core values

Scania’s core values permeate its entire corporate culture and influence its day-to-day work. Customer first, respect for the individual and quality are closely linked and are applied as a unified concept. These core values are the point of departure for all business development.

Customer first

Through good knowledge of its customers’ business operations and conditions, Scania delivers solutions that contribute to customer profitability by means of high earning capacity and low operating costs, while promoting a sustainable environment. The customer’s operations are at the centre of the entire value chain: from research and development via procurement and production, to sales, financing and delivery of services.

Respect for the individual

Respect for the individual means recognizing and utilising each employee’s knowledge, experience and ambition in order to continuously improve and develop working methods. Inspiration and new ideas are born out of day-to-day operations. This helps ensure higher quality, efficiency and job satisfaction.


High profitability for the customer throughout the product life cycle depends on delivery of high-quality solutions from Scania. Through good knowledge of customers’ needs, Scania can continuously improve the quality of its products and services. Elimination of all forms of waste is the way Scania can ensure that all deliveries meet the expectations of demanding customers. Deviations from targets and standards are used as a valuable source of continuous improvement in Scania’s processes.