Focus on continuous improvements

To maintain strong, sustainable competitiveness and profitable growth, Scania must become more efficient every year. The company achieves this through continuous improvements in production and streamlining of production structure.

Scania has a globally integrated production network. Most components and parts, as well as working methods, quality and environmental standards, are the same at all production units.

The Scania Production System (SPS) has been developed in-house by the company’s own employees. SPS includes principles and methods that lead to continuously ongoing improvement work. Common working methods are applied at all Scania production units around the world. Meanwhile ideas for improvements are continually encouraged and discussed. New solutions are tested and evaluated all the time, and improvements introduced at one unit are disseminated systematically to other units in the global production network.

Scania Retail System (SRS) is a systematic way of applying the same philosophy within Scania’s service and retail network. The key targets for SRS are to add customer value, shorten lead times, increase employee influence and dedication and contribute to a sustainable profitable growth for the company.