2010 - Engines for the world

In 2010, Scania Driver Competitions had attracted 100,000 contestants making it the world's major driver training event. The company's engines attracted interest from world leading construction equipment manufacturers.

In January Scania launched the fourth edition of Scania Driver Competitions, which had already become the world’s largest driver training event with more than 100,000 drivers participating all over the world.

Scania jumpstarted the decade with an agreement to supply engines to Terex Corporation, a construction and industrial equipment manufacturer based in North America. Later in the year, Scania also signed an agreement to supply engines to Korean machine company Doosan Infracore.

In April, Scania completed its changeover to Euro 6 technology with the world’s most powerful truck - the Scania R 730. Scania's V8 truck range now boasted outputs from 500 hp all the way to 730 hp. Torque ratings went from 2,400 or 2,500 Nm up to a remarkable 3,500 Nm, giving torque-to-power ratios between 4.8 and 5.0 - and Scania's superior driveability.

When Scania began exporting trucks in 1910, its first vehicle went to St. Petersburg, Russia. Scania celebrated its 100th anniversary in Russia by inaugurating an industrial facility in St. Petersburg for assembling and bodyworking trucks for the Russian market.