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31 March 2011

Scania is unveiling 440 and 480 hp 13-litre Euro 6 engines. The engines combine a host of innovative technical solutions to cut emissions radically, while the consumption of fuel is as good as Scania's Euro 5 engines.

Scania's new Euro 6 compliant engines are designed to give the same performance and fuel efficiency as their Euro 5 counterparts. The engines make it possible for keen operators to take the next step and invest in the greenest technology available in the market.

Maintained fuel efficiency

Scania has spared no effort to avoid fuel penalties on the new engines. Fuel economy, driveability and engine response are fully on a par with our Euro 5 engines. The 440 and 480 hp Euro 6 engines will be available across the G- and R-series ranges for all types of applications.

Euro 6 is a drastic downward step in emission levels compared to Euro 5. Emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulates are around one-fifth of those for Euro 5 engines. A new element in emission testing is that the particles also need to be counted, which in practice means that the actual particulate emissions will be around one-sixth of Euro 5.