Leif Östling

Member of Executive Board. President and CEO.

Born: 1945.
Joined Scania in 1972.
Education: MBA Economics and Business Administration and MSc Engineering.
Shares in Scania:  140,000 A shares, 400,000 B shares plus 160,000 via related companies.

Leif Östling is a Master of Engineering and a Master of Economics. After graduating from Chalmers University of Technology he commenced his employment at Scania in 1972. Over the years he has held numerous positions within the company. After managing long-term planning at Corporate headquarters and thereafter Sales and Marketing at Scania Nederland B.V, he was appointed Managing Director of the Dutch company in 1983, a position he held until 1989. He was then appointed head of Scania, at that time a division within Saab-Scania. The year after he became Executive Vice President of Saab-Scania AB and as from 1994, when Scania AB became an independent corporation, Leif Östling is President and CEO of Scania AB.