Efficient luxury

Better sleeping comfort and further improvements in the driver station - that is what the new R-series interior gives the driver.


Designers, stylists and ergonomists have helped make the driver’s environment in the new R-series as comfortable, ergonomic, safe and modern as possible. The objective has been to improve every aspect of driver environment. To help the driver while on the road, designers have found smart solutions for easily accessible storage, and have improved the design of controls and instruments.

The whole interior is characterised by higher-quality materials and harmonious colour schemes, with a wide range of options to adapt the style to personal taste. The truck also offers substantially improved sleeping comfort.



3 questions to...

Hanna Johansson, head of vehicle ergonomics.

What did you hope to achieve with the new interior?

“A comprehensive approach to the driver’s environment. The new interior feels fresh, and its functionality has been adapted to a driver’s everyday needs.  The choice of materials also provides a solid sense of quality.”

What do the innovations in the interior mean to Scania’s customers?

“A substantially better, safer and more comfortable working environment. We have retained the features that drivers appreciate, for example Scania’s unique driving position, while greatly improving the functionality of the driver environment. We have grouped functions together and improved storage spaces easily accessible to drivers, in order to minimise the time that their eyes are not on the road.”

What are you most proud of?

“The collaboration between different departments. Form, function, design and market specialists have worked together with a focus on the customer. The best example is our innovative solution for the extendable bed. Our driving ambition has been to live up to the wishes of our customers. They are worth it.”