Questions and answers

Common questions and answers from a financial perspective.

When did Scania gain a stock market listing?
Scania gained a stock market listing in April 1996.

What was the introductory share price? 
Adjusted for the split that was implemented in 2007, the price was SEK 45 per share.

How many shares are there in Scania? 
Scania’s share capital is divided into 400 million Series A shares and 400 million Series B shares, for a total of 800 million shares.

What is the difference between Series A and Series B shares? 
An A share entitles the holder to one vote and a B share to one tenth of a vote. Otherwise there are no differences between the two types of shares.

Who are the largest shareholders in Scania? 
Scania updates its shareholder list continuously. See the current list here.

What is Scania’s dividend policy? 
The company’s capital needs are continuously evaluated and adapted to the investments required to safeguard growth. In Scania’s view, this creates higher long-term share value than a fixed dividend policy.

What are Scania’s financial targets?
Scania’s leadership philosophy is based on achieving continuous improvements without having quantifiable targets to be reached by specific dates. Scania thus has no financial targets in the traditional sense. Scania’s strategy is based on profitable growth, and the company’s ambition is to be the leader in its industry, among other things in terms of profitability. Scania focuses on markets and segments where sustainable profitable growth can be achieved. A growing base of profitable customers and additional business with existing customers is more important than maximising new vehicle sales.

Where can I find tax return guidance and other information about share splits and redemption programmes?
Information about the redemption programmes that Scania has implemented can be found here.

Where can I find tax return guidance and other information about Ainax? 
Information about Ainax can be found here.

What is Scania’s policy regarding information to the stock market? 
Scania’s Policy for Information to the Capital Market can be found here.