Scania OmniExpress

One bus, three versions, unlimited options. Scania OmniExpress offers a superb combination of flexibility, fuel economy and class-leading passenger comfort.

With Scania OmniExpress it’s easy to find the perfect solution for your regular service needs. Do you need a multi-talented all-rounder or a one-off highly customised bus for unique conditions or routes? Scania OmniExpress is the answer. The aerodynamic, wedge-shaped front and weight optimised design contribute to setting a world-class standard for fuel economy.

Tailor your vehicle with the extraordinary adaptability offered by the Scania modular philosophy. Your Scania dealer will guide you in targeting the precise passenger capacity, seating layouts, standing areas and doors, choosing from almost endless combinations. Finally, fine-tune your creation by specifying options like luggage racks, lighting panels, upholstery and more. Finding the perfect bus couldn’t be easier.

Length11.0 - 15 m
Width2.55 m
Height3.20 m, 3.40 m and 3.60 m
Passenger capacityUp to 71 seats
Door configuration1-1-0, 1-0-1, 1-2-0
Wheel configuration4x2, or 6x2*4
Powertrain9-litre 250/280/320/360 hp, Euro 6, 1250–1700 Nm, diesel, biodiesel
9-litre 280 hp Euro 6, 1350 Nm, natural gas (CNG) or bio-methane
13-litre 410/450/490 hp Euro 6, 2150–2550 Nm, diesel, biodiesel
Available also with Euro 5
Fuel capacityDiesel: Up to 720 litres
Gas: 1 200 or 1 500 litres